Phone Systems

Our phone systems are NBN ready, built on revolutionary IP technology that provides features such as VoIP, SIP, Networking, Bluetooth, Wi-fi handsets, computer telephony integration, and many more.

Ease of use. Ericsson-LG Systems incorporate all the latest features with operational functionality designed from the user-perspective. Features are logical, simple to use and easy to remember.

Affordable Technology. Based on a modular architecture, Ericsson-LG Systems are perfect for growing organisations. By simply adding plug-in modules it will expand to accommodate new features or capacity, as your business requires.

Future-Proof. Not only do the Ericsson-LG Systems’ IP enabled PBX’s provide you with a solution to your communication needs today, like NBN ready (National Broadband Network), but in their design is the ability to migrate to new technologies as they are introduced. It can be easily upgraded to accommodate changes in future technology.

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Ericsson iPECS

Ericsson iPECS EMG80